ETS2 – Ai Traffic Mod: Traffic Unlocks V1.0 (1.32.X)

​This Mod Includes:
– Unlocked all AI Cars & Trucks in Traffic in each country
(including DLC France and Italia Traffic)
– Unlocked all AI Cars & Truck colors in Traffic.
– Corrected maximum speeds for cars.
– Corrected weight for all AI Vehicles in Traffic.
– Corrected speed limits in countries.
– Increased vision coverage for AI Traffic.
– Changing Traffic Light Circles.
– Increased visibility of warning signs. (Flares)
– Increased visibility of Traffic lights. (Flares)
– New AI Vehicle Headlamps.
– New engine Sounds for all Vehicles.
– New Licence plates for all Countrys.
– Security pedestrian added at night.

Link 1 for 1.31
Link 2 for 1.32​

Authors: D.B Creation

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