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ETS2 – Air Suspension V1.0 (1.35.x)

Tired of the flat and plain ride? Want to feel like riding a real heavy truck on suspension? *ell yes! Now the dream of every \”truck-driver-wanna-be\” finally comes true. Your *ss deserves nothing less than this Air Suspension with magical carpet comfort guaranteed

In real life when you purchase a modern truck, you will be given options to choose whether your truck comes with normal suspension or air suspension. However, not all types of chassis are suitable for air suspension. The manufacturers will only recommend it for certain types of chassis.

In resembling real life, this mod provides you new additional stand-alone chassis that come with air suspension for you to choose. It does nothing but making your front and rear suspension softer than the vanilla for those of you who want an extra-soft ride. The tilting may not look realistic from the outside but it greatly increases the chance of up & down movements seen inside the cabin.


Air Suspension 4 x 2 Renault T
Air Suspension 4 x 2 DAF XF Euro 6

Referring to the in-game option menu slide bars:

Truck Stability 25%
Cabin Suspension 0%
Truck Suspension 0%
Physics Camera: Enabled and max

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: MOMO & YUNA

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