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ETS2 – Arnooks Scs Containers Skin Project V6 (1.39.x)

V6: 20/12/2020
– Added 20 skins for the 40ft HC Boxes
– Added 1 custom cargo for the 40ft HCs (Box Container HC (High Cube))
– Added the 40ft HCs to some default SCS cargos
– Added the 40ft HCs to the traffic
– Updated the no-Krone DLC traffic addon
– Fixed a code error on the 40ft MSC
– Fixed the default cargos for 1.39

– Full compatibility with the SCS, Krone & VAK V-Slider chassis configurations (HCT, B-Link, singles, doubles, flatbeds, etc… everything that uses 20ft, 2x20fts and/or 40fts)
– Available in the freight Market & for owned trailers
– The skin-selection is made randomly by the game (same system as SCS’s original containers)
– All container variants in traffic
– Supports both default & custom dedicated cargos :
–> Default cargos : just use the same cargos as you usually do and the default skins will be replaced by mine
–> Dedicated cargos :search for “Box Container” OR “Box Container HC” OR “Reefer Container” OR “ISO Tank Container”, depending on the type of container that you want

” I have selected a reefer cargo but I got regular box containers, why is that ??”
I had to make some compromises in order to make the reefers appear for default cargos.
The reefer container isn’t actually used by the game, it’s present in the defs but never used by any cargo …
The 40ft reefer has been added for default reefer(ish) cargos : cauliflower, lamb meat, cod filet, etc…
BUT, I can’t make those cargos available for only 1 type of container-chassis (here it would be 40ft), that means that if you use a 20ft or 2x20ft chassis, the reefer cargos (cauliflower, etc.) will still be available.
Therefore, to avoid having empty chassis, I added the 20ft and 2x20ft to those cargos as well. I know it’s a little unrealistic since those aren’t reefer containers but it’s the best I can do to make sure you don’t get empty chassis.
Please be aware that V6 doesn’t include the 40ft and 2x20ft Tank containers !! If you try to use a 40ft or a 2x20ft chassis with a tank cargo, you will get the default SCS tanks !!

V6 is compatible with ETS V1.39

Included skins :

20ft corrugated sides : STATUS : 20/20
De Rijke, CAI, Triton, Hanjin, MOL, NOL, Maersk, Beacon, Safmarine, DHL, Cronos, IRISL, UASC, Evergreen, China Shipping, MACS Shipping, Nedlloyd, Matson, NYK Line, TS Lines (Dong Fang Lease)

2x20ft corrugated sides : STATUS : 20/20
ONE x2, ContainerShips x2, FinnLines-Teamlines/Cronos & FinnLines, Maersk Sealand & SeaLand, Bay Lines & Balearia Cargo, Emirates Shipping Line & UASC, Hamburg Süd & Alianca, ACL & UES HK, Titan Containers x2, CCNI & Royal Arctic, PIL & OOCL, Nile Dutch & Swire Shipping, P&O Nedlloyd & Northland Shipping, HMM & CMA-CGM, ZIM & Linea Messina, MSC (Leased from GOLD) & Touax, Young Brothers & Matson, Nordana Line & NYK Logistics, Kramer Umzüge & Wan Hai, MOL & Capital Intermodal

40ft corrugated sides : STATUS : 20/20

Nile Dutch, Magellan, Seaco (HNA Group), Raffles Leasing, OOCL, Hapag LLoyd, Evergreen, ONE, Eimskip, Hyundai, APL, MSC, CARU, Finnlines (Cronos Lease), Hamburg Süd, Eucon, OPDR, COSCO, Yang Ming, Samskip

40ft Corrugated side High Cube (HC) : STATUS : 20/20
Maersk, TMM/Linea Mexicana, CMA-CGM/Seaco, Capital Intermodal, K Line, DAL, MSC/Gold, IRISL, Marfret, Norfolk Line, Comanav, Eimskip, BG Freight Line, Nordic Bulkers AB, SeaGo Line, CCNI, ONE, Braun Leasing, HMM, Hanjin/Tex

40ft Reefers : STATUS : 20/20
Maersk Sealand, ONE, Grimaldi Group, ZIM, China Shipping, Cooltainer/K&N, Horizon Lines, CMA-CGM, CSAV/Beacon, Chiquita, TAL (50 Yrs), Hapag-Lloyd, Evergreen, Dole, Hamburg Süd, Hanjin, TS Lines/Triton, UASC, Seatrade/CAI, Seaboard Marine/Tex

20ft Tank containers -> STATUS : 20/20

Bertschi, Hoyer, Bulkhaul, Jan Dohmen, Eurotainer, TAL, Anhalt, Vervaeke, Haanpaa, VTG Tanktainer, Interflow/NRS, Lugmair, RMI, Lanfer, Richter Logistic, Peacock Leasing, Alfred Talke, Suttons, Canil, Den Hartogh

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Base containers : SCS
Mapping & Multilook adaptation (20ft, 2x20ft, 40ft, 40ft Reefer, 20ft Tank) : MDModder & ModsStudio
Model edit, Mapping & Multilook adaptation (40ft High Cube) : JUseeTV
Skins, defs & everything else : Arnook

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