ETS2 – Bangladeshi Route Map Final Update 1.30

This map is mainly based on the route of Dhaka-Rajshahi-Nazipur of country:Bangladesh.This map is more realistic than all the maps of Bangladesh.
Anyway, I have found this map shared before my upload,was not the final version with lots of bugs.
Unfotunately this map only works on 1.27-1.30.
Its playing module is Bangladesh.mbd
and Importantly Please select Nazipur,Dhaka,Savar or Tangail as the headquarter.
Otherwise the game will crash. The cities are based on real identifications.So I think you will like it.
Dont ask for 1.31. If I could make it,I would already! So dont be rubbish!
Now,You will get five links there.
All the dealers are in Nazipur.

Authors: MD Shahid Ahammed

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