ETS2 – Better Flares 3.3B (1.39.x)

Changes v3.3b
Updated Base mod for 1.39

Changes v3.3a
Update Jazzycat add-ons
Fixed some broken traffic lights (blinking green, left/right in some baltic countries etc)

Changes from 05.05.20
Fixed bugs
Fixed addons

Better Flares 3.3 is an adapted version of Better Flares 3.2, with converted textures to latest. Compatible with ETS2 1.36/1.37
Removed everything that caused trouble, so you should have a crash game

Jazzycat addons are of course not required and should not be loaded when you don’t have Jazzys packs.

Load order:
BFv3.3 Headlights (blue/Yellow/Neutral – CHOOSE ONLY ONE)
BFv3.3 Base
BFv3.3 Jazzycat add-ons
Jazzy packs
Other Traffic add-ons
BFv3.3 Default Traffic addon
Other Mods (trucks trailers maps etc)

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Aveliumar, Update paokkerkir

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