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ETS2 – Cat 3408 V8 Engines Sounds (1.39.x)

1.39 CAT 3408 V8
Originally for ATS. Brought over the pond into ETS2

So I’ve learnt some more Fmod and audio editing and now present my 2nd mod.
A Cat 3408 V8 with air start options. Enjoy. I Recorded sounds from my V8 diesel engine

Adjust the engine, exhaust, turbo sliders til you find your sweet spot. the exhaust slider makes noticable change in sound output. my preference is above

This mod is Inspired by Chris Dinsdales Kenworth aka gm16v149

I used recordings of his air starts and got them into this mod

You have 8 engines to chose from

500hp,600hp,800hp,980hp, each with an air start or normal start option

You also get new sounds when your truck malfunctions and wont start

Credits to vsTerminus for the original engine torque curves. He went to alot of trouble to put them together so go show him some love. whole bunch of info there about the 3408 engine. This was done with permission. No sound files from his mod where used.
I have had to modify a few curves and ranges

This engine never left the factory with a jake. it had a brake saver. This engine has a jake because no way I was making a sound mod without a jake, one of the best parts of a truck

Its an “old school” engine so its only fair to be compatible with “old school” trucks. Its hasn’t been put into new trucks for a long time (mid to late 80’s)

Would this engine ever be in a Euro truck. probably not
Will I be going to hell for adding it to Euro trucks. probably

Compatible with over 30 trucks. (its enough, you can add your own trucks, plenty of tutorial vids out there)
SCS- ALL ETS2 Trucks
SCS- Peterbilt 389, Kenworth W900
RTA mods – Kenworth 108, Peterbilt 359, Mack Ultraliner, Kenworth T908
Rudas – Kighway killer, Pete and XL
Kishadowalker – Dodge,Mack F700 diamond Rio, 9300, Mack superliner
Pingas – Kenworth and Peterbilt
Anonymous – 1973 Pete 353, 1975 Freightliner FLC
Cyrus- Mack RD, Mack Ultraliner, Pete 352
1973 Mack R by Cattruck
Jessmods classic XL
Bsa Classic XL
Big daddy W900a
GTM w900b, T800
Richo’s Kenworth W900L
Harvens Mack Rd and freightliner
Vipers Peterbilt
Lucassi International
XBS Freighliner FLC
And of course Mr Overfloaters K100E

Further Credits to Kriechbaum. There is the a sample or two off his floating around in here. He has given me permission to use them and its greatly appreciated. Again Robinicus and Harven for all there tips/tricks and videos on fmod around the joint. without those I would not have been able to complete this.
SCS and the team for their continued efforts

Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated 🙂 feel free to drop a comment below

(EDIT). I’m going to start on a V2.0 of this engine eventually. I want to make a better sounding cat 3408!!


Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Johnny_Cash

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