ETS2 – Chassis All (1.39.x)

Vehicles, chassis:

Swap body chassis for Mercedes with side protection, side protection is skinable
Swap bodies Chassi air plate created for hoses

Cabins Mercedes:

BigSpace without spoiler with a new air filter
GigaSpace without spoiler with new air filter
StreamSpace without Spoler with a new air filter

Cabins DAF XF Euro6:

Space without spoilers
Space spoiler without spoiler
Superspace without spoilers

Fender DAF XF Euro6:

Shortened fender


Side protection created

DAF XF Euro6:

Original rear lights

Chassi Mercedes Actros:

Swap bodies car with stiffened axle but liftable + hoses

Warning sign Mercedes MP4, DAF XF Euro6

Front TIR
Front dangerous goods orange
Rear dangerous goods orange motor car
Front to
Back to

Mercedes Actros headlights:

Built-in daytime running lights


Container structure ABX Logistics + new panels created + designation
Container structure ABX Logistics dangerous goods
Container structure skin bar
Shadow created.

Skinable container:

all_chassi_wb \\ vehicle \\ truck \\ upgrade \\ container \\ texture
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: scs , zip

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