ETS2 – F.s.c. Star 200 Truck (1.32.x)

F.S.C. STAR 200 – edit by Ekualize

– Specifications this truck is taken from the original documentation
– Capacity 6 tonnes + trailer up to 8.5 tonnes
– Max speed 90 Km/h
– fuel tank 150 l.

1. Star 200
2. Star c 200
3. Star c 244
4. Star 244
5. Star 266

The truck is completely autonomous.
You can find it in the large truck saloon of Scania.
Trailer pack is included to zip files ( buyable only )
I do not recommend the use of the automatic gearbox

Tested on: 1.32.x patch
ADV Coupling

The authors base model: Orzech ,Paffalek, Scenerio, Kuba 141
Model wheels: Racing
Heavy edit ( remodeling ): Ekualizer
Testing and technical consultation: GLAM21

I agree to taking out on other forums, provided the behavior of
the original description and a link to the top download.
Otherwise, stop sharing new versions of this modification.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.32.x)

Authors: Orzech ,Paffalek, Scenerio, Kuba 141,Racing,Ekualizer

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