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ETS2 – Gta V Traffic Pack (1.35.x)

Cars from the game Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online
New AI drivers

List of cars:
Annis – Elegy RH8
Benefactor – Schafter V12, Schwartzer, Feltzer, Schlagen GT, Surano, Panto, Dubsta, XLS, Serrano
Bravado – Verlierer
Cheval – Taipan
Dewbauchee – Exemplar, Massacro, Rapid GT, Seven-70, Specter, Vagner
Dinka – Blista, Jester
Enus – Huntley S, Paragon R, Cognoscenti, Super Diamond
Gallivanter – Baller II
Grotti – Bestia GTS, Carbonizzare, Turismo R, Turismo Classic, Itali GTO, X80 Proto
Hijak – Khamelion
Lampadati – Felon, Felon GT, Furore GT
Obey – 8F Drafter, 9F, Tailgater, Rocoto
Ocelot – F620, Jackal, Lynx, Pariah, XA-21, Penetrator
Overflod – Entity XF, Entity XXR, Autarch, Tyrant
Pegassi – Vacca, Zentorno, Reaper, Osiris, Tezeract, Infernus, Infernus Classic, Toros, Tempesta
Pfister – 811, Comet
Principe – Deveste Eight
Progen – Itali GTB, T20, GP1
Truffade – Adder, Nero
Ubermacht – Sentinel XS, Oracle XS, Oracle II
Vapid – FMJ, Dominator GTX

All standalone.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: grlk3512

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