ETS2 Heart of Russia DLC

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Heart of Russia DLC, which adds many cities of Russia, especially Moscow, has been announced.

Euro Truck Simulator 2, the truck simulation game which was released about 8 years ago, continues to be updated with new content and paid additional packages.

The game, which expanded to Istanbul with the Road to the Black Sea DLC released at the end of 2019, now adds the Western and Southern cities of Russia, especially Moscow, with the Heart of Russia DLC.

This DLC will not be the first one to include Russian cities. Located in the North of Russia, previously together with Beyond the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg, Kalingrad, Luga, Pskov, Sosnovy Bor and Vyborg were added to the game. These cities were small in scale and contained little detail. Heart of Russia DLC will be much more detailed.

In addition to the crowded cities of Russia, the Eastern European Plateau and famous forests will also be added to the game. ets2 mods

When we look at the screenshots published in the game, it is seen that only the cities close to Europe and the Southern region of Russia will take place. This is good news for Turkey. Because in the following years, if a special DLC for Turkey comes out, the Southern cities of Russia can be connected to the Black Sea.

Other Features

  • Discover Moscow and the rest of Russia.
  • As you travel along the Volga and Oka rivers, you will be able to take in the breathtaking scenery.
  • Explore the European Plain’s deep woods and wide spaces.

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