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ETS2 – Heavy Haulage Chassis Addon For Daf E6 Scs

Content list:
•8×4/4 midlift and rearlift chassis for all cabins.
•Plastic and paintable fenders and sideskirts.
•Two types auxiliary fuel tanks.
•Three new bottombar types.
•New STGO plates.
•New 710hp engine with badge(available only for 8×4 chassis) – yeah I know is unrealistic!
•Vertical exhaust pipes.
•Custom COLLETT skin.

Compatible with patch 1.31.x.
Added custom sideskirt, back bumper and chassis cover for 4×2 and 6x chassis

Authors: •Truck: ohaha, Pendragon.
•Parts: ohaha, WrittenExample, GT-Mike.
•Others: SCS Software (original models).

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