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ETS2 – Hungary Map Addons V2.2.35 (1.35.x)

Changes in  2.2.35
added normal economy addon
improve dlc map addon compatibility
merged ‘hungary_trucks_trailers_skins’ in ‘hungary_addons’
updated for actros tunning pack
more skins for owned trucks and trailers
improve traffic fluidity and spawn
adjusted traffic sound
less police/emergency
less trains
longer trains
more tram
improve weather
adjust weather to september
low rain probability adjusted for hungary map timescale
improve rain glass
fix rate interest bank load
lowered cost for hired drivers
change color of street lamps (more yellow than white)

Hello, this mod is an overhaul for the Hungary map made by Frank007.
It is the continuation of my old mod ‘Real Hungarian Company’.

This mod try to be close as the reality as possible on every aspect of the game.
You can run the mod on a current load game but it is better to start a new game to enjoy all the modification from the start.

-Overhaul of Economy
Hard economy
Skills rewards lowered
Drivers jobs lowered
Ferrys longer travel times and higher prices
Garages prices higher
Real gas prices
Police fines realist
Bank loans smaller and unlock at level 1, 3, 5, 7
Money start around 80000€ (for buy used truck at start)
Used trucks to buy at trucks dealers
Unlock trailers owned at level 1
Driving time 9h
Sleeping time 10h

-Hugarian Company
B3 Sped Kft
Farkas-Transz Kft
Horvath Tranport
BC Logistics
Gemini Kft
Agro-Alfa Kft
Busped Kft

-Hugarian Skins and Textures
Logo company
Ai Traffic company
Recruitment agency
Gps colors and background

-Others modifications
Fix errors log
Remove country names on every map view
Hugarian drivers names
Shock damage truck and trailer increase
Real mirror fov
Real blinker timing
Real interior sounds
Reduce yawn sound

Hungary_trucks_trailers_skins v2.2.35
-Hugarian Company Skins for trucks and ownables trailers

Tom Trans Kft
B3 Sped Kft
Farkas-Transz Kft
Horvath Tranport
BC Logistics

Credits: Azannya26, Jano, Igor Nitch

Hungary_Traffic v2.2.35
-Overhaul of Ai traffic

New Ai traffic behavior
Adjusted frequency of cars, trucks and trailers
Speed limit adjusted to Hungary
Spawn ratio ajusted every hours
Realistic spawn for tram and train
Tractors in traffic
Less road event

-Traffic trailers

No more double trailers in Hungary
Schmitz tipper cover trailer in traffic
Added cover to all Schmitz tipper cargo
Overweight trailers in traffic
Chemical cistern trailers in traffic

Hungary Mods v2.2.35
Realistic building lights
Real Ai traffic brands
Immersive symbols updated to 1.35
Ai traffic and ui menu sounds
Hungarian gps sounds

Hungary_Weather v2.1.35
New weather for Hungary

Adjusted bloom
Adjusted glass config for rain
Rain sound

Load order:
From top
1 hungary_weather_1.35.x
2 hungary_mods_1.35.x
3 hungary_traffic_1.35.x
4 hungary_trucks_trailers_skins_1.35.x
5 hungary_addons_1.35.x
6 hungary_def_1.35.x
7 hungary_model_1.35.x
8 hungary_base_1.35.x
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Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: Igor Nitch

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