ETS2 – Kamaz 53212/5410 V1

Changed the weight distribution along the axes, otherwise the Kamaz with trailer  simply did not want to turn.
Fixed the place of fastening flashers on the cabin with a spoiler
(for some reason it was originally made from the right side, because of what the flashers were hanging to the right of the cabin)

* 3 cabins
* 2 chassis – 6×4; 6×6:
* 8 engines
* 4 Transmission (2 KAMAZ, YAMZ 1 and one PowerShift)
* 2 new transmission (10_speed_s; 10_speed_sr – OFFROAD)
* Interior
* Dyed
* Added real wheels
* The real sound of Kamaz
* Bug fixes

Does not support advanced coupler! It is necessary to disable the advanced hitch in the settings

Authors: Stas556, Fixes by Alexey Nazaruk

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