ETS2 – Kamaz 5360 / 53602 / 5480 / 6460-73 Truck (1.36.x)

>Dealer Kamaz (Dealers of brands from the modification)
>10 cabins
>6 chassis
>9 engines (6 KamAZ, 3 Cummins)
>4 transmissions
>Own interior (2 options for each cabin)
>Its own sounds (for each type of engine)
>Its wheels
>A lot of tuning (each cabin has its own tuning)
>Supports painting + metallic
>Full support for DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC National Window Flags
>Support DX11

>Full adaptation for 1.36
>Updated all 3D models for the new patch
>Fixed found errors
>Added support for cables for all chassis including trailer

Inside the archive are: KAMAZ, BDF trailer (under “chassis 5360 bdf” and “chassis 53602 bdf”), trailer “dummy” for those who want to carry cargo in the back of a truck and archive with different dashboard lights!

Note (1): for the “dummy” trailer, use “chassis 5360 empty” and “chassis 53602 empty”)
Note (2): (to change the dashboard color, select the dashboard_color_ka.sui file and replace it in KAMAZ along the path “def/vehicle/truck/kam53602/interior”)

All trailers are purchased as property! Standard loads are used to select the load – use the “exchange of goods”

Log is clear! Version 1.36

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.36.x)

Authors: mo3Del Truck Game (mTG), adaptation for 1.36: Phantom94

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