ETS2 – Kamaz 54-64-65 With Body + Dirt + Skins + Trailers (1.34.x)

I present my original assembly.
If possible, corrected what was in my capabilities.

Package Contents:
1. Truck KamAZ 54-64-65 with swap bodies.
2. Dirty skins on the truck. Mod makes dirty KamAZ.
3. Rally KAMAZ Skin (500) Clean and dirty.
4. Replaceable trailers in the property for the body option.

Kamaz contains four chassis 5460,6460,65201,65117.
Own tuning and accessories.
Without cables.

There were mistakes on the work of the mod and the game as a whole not affecting.

File connection order – scs in the manager (Top / Down):
– RNM – volvo f88.scs
– Rally KAMAZ Skin (500) .scs
– KamAZ_54-64-65_ByKoral_Dirt.scs
– kamaz_54_64_65_fix_MF_374bd.scs
– KamAZ_54-64-65.scs

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.34.x)

Authors: Truck: Koral
Dirt: Koral
Skin Rally KAMAZ Skin (500): Bart Roberts
Fix for Kamaz: losevo58, unknown
Original body trailers:
XBS, Natascha VDC
Build fixes and revisions (Exchange trailers in the property for the body version)

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