ETS2 – Kamaz Polar V1.0 (1.31.X)

KAMAZ Polar version of 20.06.18 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.31.x)
– DAF Motor Show;
– 1 cabin (initially the cabin will be raised, changing in tuning);
– 5 variants of the chassis (including tandem);
– 6 engines;
– 2 variants of the transmission;
– Their sounds;
– 2 variants of the interior (differ in the color of the upholstery);
– Their skins;
– Many tuning;
– Own wheels (several options);
– Tuning the interior (support DLC Cabin Accessories).

In the version of 20.06.18:

Adapting to version 1.31.x
Added manifest

Author: Voyna, adaptation: sdonbass18

Authors: Author: Voyna, adaptation: sdonbass18

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