ETS2 – Man F2000 414 Comandor (1.36.x)

* Standalone
* Dealer DAF
* Tuning
* Accessories
* Cable support

– Added manifest.sii and info
– Converted and restored pmg files
– Replaced some ui accessory icons and descriptions
– Removed unused /sound/renault/sound/magnum_ext and sound/renault/sound/magnum_int folders
– Corrected wheel definitions
– Removed unused vehiclewheelf16 folder
– Relocated truck to MAN dealer
– Added two extra engines (540 Hp and 680 Hp)
– Truck is behaving okay (except wipers) in ETS 2 v.135 with DX11
– Separate sound mod to put above the truck for saving disk space
– Gamelog clean except 2 lines
– Tested in latest version of ETS 2 v1.36 with DX11 enabled.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.36.x)

Authors: Alexander Gavrilin, BackToB

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