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ETS2 – Man Lion Coach V1.0 (1.31.X)

Man Lion Coach v.2.0.1 for ETS2 – 1.31.
– Adaption to version 1.31.
I fixed the registration and the mistakes that I could. Added missing files and manifest. Clean game.log.
– Bus autonomous.
Acquired in a c MAN. Available for purchase from 0- level.
– Your interior. Instrument panel and on-board computer from MAN TGX.
– Its sound. Some sound files from Avanuel.

– Partial animation of buttons on the instrument panel (alarm button, turn signal switch,
retarder and head light switch. There is also an animation of the parking brake and wipers
windshield. The janitors are animated from the outside and from the inside, they wash rain drops and have two high-speed modes).
– 10 skins in a separate fashion, (Man Lion Coach Skin Custom Pack).
– One chassis, 4×2.
– One engine, 420 l c.
– One 6-speed manual gearbox MAN TipMatic with retarder.


– DLC Cabin Accessories.
– DLC National Window Flags.

Authors: Kaptan06, Kadir Yagiz, Metehan Bilal,
Adaptation for 1.31 VITALIY7735

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