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ETS2 – Map Mortal Routes V1.0 By Honducatracho22 (1.31.X)

This contains a redesign of routes , more extreme and dangerous, take into account that the map is developing and will have some errors, since it is a map initiated from scratch, based on my creativity and has no relation to the real!
I share my map with some extreme and crazy routes
In order to play on this wonderful map you need the game in the current version: 1.31.x.

Independent map that you have extreme and dangerous routes that you will have work in going through the routes! :D.

You need the DLC’s from France, Italia, Going East and Scandinavia.

Create a new profile, activate the mod and therefore you must change the module from Europe to hondulandia.mbd and start.
I recommend starting to select the city the point below, for a greater experience on the route!.

Authors: Cesar Zelaya (Honducatracho22)

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