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ETS2 – Mercedes Actros Mp4/Mp5 Om470 Sound V1.0 (1.39.x)

Welcome to my new MB Actros OM470 sound mod for ETS2! It features a lot of different sounds I recorded myself in reallife. The engine sound was recorded every 100 rpm and also in different scenarios, the gearbox and airbrake sounds were recorded and of course also all interior sounds. The special thing about the interior sounds is that there´re independent sounds for the Actros 4 and Actros 5. That means that the interior sounds for the Actros MP4 are recorded in a real MP4 and the interior sounds for the Actros MP5 by the Actros 5 Crew are recorded in a real MP5. That means that you have different interior sounds for these two trucks.

I´ve also made a comparison video with reallife for you which you can watch above 😉

For now, my mod is replacing the sound of all engines for the Actros in game, so it isn´t compatible with other “New Actros” sound mods. A version where my mod only works for the OM470 (which actually isn´t even in the game without mods) will come with a later update.
I hope you enjoy my work. Have fun!

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Max2712

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