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ETS2 – Mercedes-Benz Actros Mp4 Real 16Lt Sound (1.35.x)

Version: 1.0:
Competible 1.35
Hi guys this mod changes Mercedes Benz actros mp4 sound with real,
this mod changes what?
-Mercedes Benz actros mp4 16lt real engine sound.
-Mercedes Benz actros mp4 16lt start sound stop sound etc….
-Mercedes Benz actros mp4 16lt retarder sound.
-Mercedes Benz actros mp4 16lt turbo sound.
-Mercedes Benz actros mp4 16lt engine brake sound.
-Powershift gear air sound added.
-Headlights turn xenon.
-Powershift transmission sound added.
NOTE: This mod work with Alex mercedes mp4 reworks tho.
Dont forget this mod making for 16 lt engines 1851,1852,1858,1863.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: Engineer

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