ETS2 – Mini Cargo Pack For Bdf V1.0

Mini cargo pack for BDFs.
18 different types of loads.

Tested with:
Mercedes Antos by D3S Design
Mercedes Sprinter 2010  by GRM Modding
BDF Tandem Truck Pack by Flemming V
Mercedes 1853 by Ekualizer.

Bugs found,
1-can not unload without being on automatic, when you reach the destination, press “Enter”,
because, the load is not recognized for discharge, but…
2-when to turn back, don’t unload, because the load will go to strange directions
3-I do not know if you can specify the load for a type of chassis, in the quick jobs,
but charges also appear to common chassis trucks.
4-does not work on trucks with very high trailer hook, tested in the Ford Cargo by Frank,
and it was not possible to unload

Update for new versions

Authors: iconRJ
Models: SCS and Jazzycat
Base: Flamming V

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