ETS2 – Mod Min Info Minimum Information (1.34.x)

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– Supplement does not claim to be unique, but it brings the game to reality.
Differences and features:
+ Mod completely removes all invisible fences on the roads.
+ Replaces all activation symbols (on bases, gas stations, ports, etc.) with simple road hatches.
+ Fully hides tags and other clues about the location of the semi-trailer for delivery. There is only a flag on the map.
+ The unloading point is marked only by two road cones which indicate where the rear part of the trailer should stand. Parallel trailer parking depends only on your eye.

If you forgot how your delivery trailer looks like, go to the game menu and in the upper left corner click on the delivery details. complicates parking a trailer on the base.

Test on Steam-version of the game ETS 2 v.1.34

+++ For more realism, I recommend installing the mods: RHP; STADrive 5; Mirror.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.34.x)

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