ETS 2 ModsEts2 Bus Mods

ETS2 – Neoplan Tourliner 2011 (1.39.x)

*Independent 2 Open Door
*Cockpit Arrangement redone
*Sounds were redesigned with the Fmod Feature.
*New Skins Added.
Sound: byMADster
Cockpit by: TunaK.
Koltuk by: GameTurK, SCS, Avenue LF
Door Fix by: Dimagean Dimacan Başkan
Skin by Dimagean Dimacan Başkan
All New Accesories And Fix by: DimageanDimacan Başkan

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Dimagean Dimacan Başkan , GrkemBurak , Komarluk , Toros , Superlegend , FurkanGezek , GameTurK, SCS, Avenue LF , TunaK , byMADster

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