ETS2 – Open Parts From Events V1.0

The modification opens all the accessories that were issued for the passage of various events from SCS.
You need to buy in a single game, you can \”modify\” and repair it in Truckers MP.

If you did not have an event, and you want to install accessories, this modification is for you.
You do not have to buy accessories on the Steam market, in order to install an accessory you like in your car, you just need to enable this modification

– Backdrops are open (work only with the included modification)
– Open hanging objects.
– Opened items on the panel.
– Opened items on the glass.
– Working at Truckers MP

The sequence of use (all perform in a single game):

1. Press the \”Subscribe\” button;
2. Go into the game and connect the mod in the profile (Manager of modifications);
3. Go to the service station;
4. Select the required slot;
4.1. Install everything for yourself;
5. You pay;
5.1.Go to Truckers MP.

Supported game versions: ETS2 –

Authors: Belka647

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