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ETS2 – Optimization And Fixes For Mario Map V0.4 (1.39.x)

This mod fix optimizes the Mario map for weak PCs and fixes the errors found

Version 0.4
South America:
Across South America, Cactus density has been reduced at 2,100+ sites,
10 small fixes.

This mod was created for weak PCs
Namely, where the density of vegetation is high, so is the change in some patterns.
Mod created on version 1.39
You need Map “Mario” version 09.11.20.

If there are roads in which there are strong FPS drawdowns, write Coordinates (F11 and the coordinates of where you are will be written) Or take a screenshot of the map where there are strong FPS drawdowns, dips and more,
if a flight, send the LOG to me in Direct Messages (required)

Mod Installation Order
1) Optimizateion South America
2) Optimizateion RUSSIA
3) 09-map South America
4) 08-map North America
5) 07-map Morozov Express
6) 06-map Basic
7) 05-part5
8) 04-part4
9) 03-part3
10) 02-part2
11) 01-part1

-Fixed the position of 120 billboards throughout Russia (280 billboards tested)
-Reworked 13 roads in the category – “bad roads”. And added triggers that warn of damaged roads (it’s better to slow down to 30 km / h)
-Fixed the position of 14 police officers, and 1 on the traffic police car (Checked the position of 332 police officers)
-Removed 3 police officers
-Removed 1 item without texture.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Smoked_Sampai

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