ETS2 – Passenger Transport! Rush Hour! V2.1.31

Mod “Passenger Transport! Rush Hour!” will “seriously” deal with passenger transportation and transport by means of passenger cars, jeeps, buses and minibuses V.I.P persons with escort, tourists, business passengers and economy classes. To work correctly, the mod requires DLC Special Transport (replaces all cargo for VIP passengers) and the absence of other mods connected to the transportation of passengers and mods to the DLC Special Transport Adaptation of the mod for the version of the game 1.31.x and the new version of the mod.
In the archive there are two folders with different mod variants. One is an adapted version of the previous version of the mod (VIP Person & Passengers Mod), the second new mod that includes the transport of VIP Person in the part of DLC Special Transport between companies and passengers at bus stations terminals made by FRANCK_PERU on the default card.
You can transport business passengers and economy class plus VIP.
The names of the categories of passenger transportation and the prices towards the most attractive are changed.
If you can not “board passengers” at the bus terminal, press 0 and use the free camera to place the “car” in the field next to the crowd of passengers and press F9. Passengers will board a bus or car. Special Transport in the normal VIP Person mode.
Test on version 1.31.x

Authors: pppt

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