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ETS2 – Physics Rework V8.3B (1.38.x)

A regular version of physics

Reworked cabin behavior
Reworked seat behavior
New recommended settings

Recommended settings for v8.3b (can be changed in console or in config files):
g cam physics value “1.0” (DEFAULT)
g cam physics “1” (DEFAULT)

g_cabin_suspension_stiffness “1.3” (see ATTENTION below!)
g_suspension_stiffness “0.3”
g_trailer_stability “0.5” (DEFAULT)
g_truck_stability “0.3”

g_brake_intensity “1.0” (DEFAULT)

residual_travel[] in chassis defs: 0.10 and 0.088 (DEFAULT).

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.38.x)

Authors: knox_xss

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