ETS2 – Prefered Winter Physics (1.33.x)

This mod is preferred adaptation for the truck physics, when the cabin view is used primarily.
Unfortunately, from outside the cabin-motion looks not very realistic, but it shakes a little bit more the cabin during your road trips and creates a better feeling for load transfer.

Mod needs a high priority
Set a high level of trailer stability (slider to left)
Recommended for steering wheel use
Recommended use together with \”Air Ride By Momo\”

# uset g_suspension_stiffness 1.0
# uset g_trailer_stability 1.0

Adjustments had been made on:
# steering
# brakes
# cabin
# suspension
# clutch
# chassis

Compatible with: v1.33.X | v1.32.X | v1.31.x

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.33.x)

Authors: scraTchy

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