ETS2 – Promods Addon: Poland Rebuilding 2.31 Fixed (1.34.x)

The map was adapted and fixed for the update ETS2 1.34 and ProMods 2.33

There is nothing new just a Adaption, so it is the same as 2.3.1

Added Ełk, Augustów and Suwałki created by ProMods
The route of the dimensional load was reconstructed (caused by PM changes)
Added warning messages about demanding dimensional transports for the heaviest loads. (Only for routes on PL areas)
New city: Przasnysz (hidden)
New road: DW544
The city was rebuilt: Ostrołęka
The signage from Świnoujście to Gdynia has been refreshed (DW102, DW214 DK3, DK6 / S6)
Part of the distance tables has been improved. From now on, they show the virtual distance to the city in the game. (+/- several KM)
Road icons have been changed to more realistic ones
Two new ferry crossings have been added. Gdańsk (DK91) Gdańsk (DK89) and Gdańsk Helsinki (fictional)
Cabin accessories have been added
Bug fixes

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.34.x)

Authors: PL Rebuild Team and UMT

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