ETS2 – Promods Support Add-On For Rgm (1.32.x)

This addon makes Promods Map compatible with Realistic Graphics Mod.
Required: Realistic Graphics Mod 2.3.x, Promods Version 2.31 and Ets2 1.32.x game version

You need to do this order in the Mod Manager to use the mod with Promods.
1-(top row) Promods Support Addon
2- Realistic Graphics Mod
3- Promods Definition Pack
4- Promods Map Pack
5- Promods Media Pack
6- Promods Model 3 Pack
7- Promods Model 2 Pack
8- Promods Model 1 Pack
9- Promods Assets Pack

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.32.x)

Author(s): Frkn64 Modding
ETS2 – Promods Support Add-On For Rgm (1.32.x) Download File

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