ETS2 – Radar-Detector Stinger V1.6 (1.30.X)

Radar Detector v 1.6 (1.30.)
When approaching speed cameras, the voice warns of radar operation.
Operates on a standard map with all the DLC
Working on the map RusMap v1.8
Works on the Southern Region map 7.0.0
Police cars while speeding is not fine (who do not like it – remove the unit folder in the archive
RADAR-DETECTOR v1.6 (1.30.) female voice.scs

If desired, you can install a radar on the windshield. Is in accessories. (for all default and other popular truck mods. The list in the installation instructions)

The principle of fashion:Schumi
Radar detector addon: Koral and Lacoste36 (Fedor Borodin)
The rest was finished by Zeddd

All archives are placed in the mod folder and agree to replace the files.

Authors: Schumi, Zeddd, Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass), Lacoste36

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