ETS2 – Real European Companies Reloaded (1.37.x)

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This mod replaces original SCS companies inside game. There are over 140 in base game and map DLCs. Mod is made from the ground up and thus is only DirectX 11 compatible. It is tested in v1.37.x. No guarantee for the previous versions. It replaces texture files (.dds) hence is always error free (no 3D models).

Base game + East DLC –→ supported
Scandinavia DLC –→ supported
France base + DLC –→ supported
Italia base + DLC –→ partially supported*
Baltic Sea DLC –→ partially supported*
Black Sea DLC –→ partially supported*
Schwarzmüller DLC –→ supported
Krone DLC –→ not supported

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.37.x)

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