ETS2 – Renault Range T V1.8 (1.35.x)

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Version 1.8.
-Not Full Compatible To Directx 11 Some Models Convert Some Of Old Already
-Wait Next Update For Direct X 11.
-Added New Zf 16 And 12 Series Transmissions.
-Fixed Missind Pmgs.
-New Modification Parts For Front Bumper.
-Now Lights Are Xenon.
-Added New Generation Dx Engines With Own Sounds Different From Old Ones.
-Fixed Reported Bugs.

Version 1.7.
-Full Adapted 1.35.
-Fixed Animations And 3 Way Wipers
-3 Cabin.
-7 Chassis.
-Added 2 New Transmission.
-Real Engines+Cummıns Engines.
-Selling In Mod Truck Dealer.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

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