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ETS2 – Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugenes Scania Ng By Kast V1.0 (1.35.x)

Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugene\’s Scania NG by Kast v1.0
Game version 1.35.x

Mods need:
Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 by Kast 2.0
Next Generation Scania | Improvements and Rework 1.0

Mod adds
-Kraker box
-NTM box
-NTM related parts
-Ekeri box
-Ekeri related parts
-VAK box
-VAK related parts
-Närko box
-Närko related parts
-11 rigid chassis
-VBG & TAV hook
-Sidecovers and rails
-Domar wheelcovers
-Parlok wheelcovers
-Reverse lights to doorsteps
-Zepro tail-lift
-4 coolers Lumikko, Thermo King, Carrier
-Trailer cables support
-And more

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: Kast
Siperia (most of the stuff)
RJL - base mod
Capital - Tandem base
Flemming V - Tandem base
Nordisch - Kraker box skin
Abasstreppas - UI shadow,flares

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