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ETS2 – Rta-Mods Kenworth K200 Hcc Edit (1.39.x)

Iveco stores and dealers of brands from modifications:
– Occupies a separate slot;
– 2 cabins;
– 5 chassis;
– Own interior;
– Tuning;
Is a set of skins;
– Have your own wheels;
– Added DLC Steering Creations Pack (updated to version 2020);
– Support for advanced coupling;
– Support for trailer cables;
– Support for window animation;
– Presented in the gallery;
– Engine sounds are updated.

Fixes: editing the settings of the windshield and side Windows, other minor edits, adaptation to DX11.
Additions: SCI Steering Wheels DLC + Steering Wheel Knobs, chassis painting, interior lighting, new versions of bumpers and kangaroos, rear fenders, some other external decorative elements necessary for the mod to work files from ATS.
Revision: shadows under the track, collisions, advanced coupling systems, compatibility of tuning elements with the chassis and with each other.
Changes: the track, interior, and exterior model files are split in two in order to reduce their size to the limit set by the game, in order to try to eliminate unwanted lags during the game.
Deletions: duplicate parts and some unused files have been removed from the track, interior, and exterior model files.
Mod updated for v1.39

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: jekich1, Oleg Verhovodov, SCS: - 3D model.
Smith: template, help with creating animations, etc.
Oleg Verhovodov (Fire-Blade): interior model, modeling.
Mikhail Verhovodov: converting to a game, connecting materials and textures, animation, baking.
Virat: simulation of steering wheels.
Evelin_Sophie: creating a set of skins, testing.
kriechbaum: sounds, engines and transmissions.
Driver Geo: video
Mick Brown: technical support.
Tracy N Nathan Anderson: technical support.
HCC: sorting the details of the cab and chassis. Adding 8x4 and 8x6 chassis and accessories.

The authors of the sounds of the engines:

Kriechbaum - Paccar MX-13 and Cummins 444 Series;
Piva - Cummins ISX12 and ISX15 Series;
Imsonutz - CAT C15S.

Editorial: blacksitearea

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  1. Great mod, unfortunately I get no engine sound from the truck. The update 1.39 seems like it broke many mod truck engine sounds. Is there a fix for this?

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