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ETS2 – Scania 124G 360 (1.38.x)

Hello, I’m here with the sondem21 124G 360 Mod.

The vehicle does not have much feature, I have not been dealing with for 1.5-2 years.
There is an original sound on the engine part, do not use it, it is wrong.
There is no option in the vehicle other than the animated mat, except for the chassis and the engine.
To choose the animated mat, you need to move the camera direction to the back.

Features of the truck;
-Cabin lighting
Wolf Exhaust
-Animated mat
Body and Cup Ambience coated
Compatible with the skipper load mode
-It can be centipede-attractive

Those who contributed to the vehicle;

-Wolf Exhaust-Convert: I don’t know the owner of the exhaust-sondem21
-Model: souzasg
-Full edit: sondem21

Part Owners:
Leds: Harun aras
Curtains: Jesus sheepman
Stickers: sondem21
Animated doormat: Harun aras
Sun visor:?
Hell Show: sondem21
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.38.x)

Authors: sondem21,SouzaSG,Harun Aras,İsa Koyuncu

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