ETS2 – Scania S500 Turkish (1.34.x)

– There are 2 cabins in the car to be high and normal.
– Rear Bumper Changed And Edited
– Animated Cabine Light with \”O\” Key
– Flashes on top of the hill Added
– LEDs are lined up and added to glass and similar places
– Interiora Car And Iphone Model Added
– Torpedo Cloth Made From Scratch
– Bed Sheet Added
– Lollipops in the Mirror
– 2 Air Horns And V8 Tone Of The Pearl Added
– Original Navigation Canceled and Added to Navigation on the Window (Navigation not Added due to a Fault in Extint.
– Zenon Far Added (Fashion No Adapters Only Adapted To Vehicle.)

– Independent Convert: Harun Aras
– 3D Flashers: İbrahim Güvenç
– Rear Bumper: Muhammed Tuncer
– Normal Cabin Curtain: İbrahim Güvenç
– High Cabin Roller Blind: Berat Afşin
– Zenon: Sancaktepeli
– Air Horn 1: SoLdier
– Air Horn 2 Contact: Yavuzhan Karabey
– LED: Erdem Kuzey
– Super: Mert İptaş
– Front And Side Curtain: Murat Toker
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.34.x)

Authors: Ömer Faruk Aygün

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