ETS2 – Scania V8 Sound R950 Konstantinidis V2 (1.39.x)

Changes v2.0
Updated to v1.39.
But not also just an update, the sound has been thoroughly reworked and now you can have smooth yet brutal revs.

This sound mod has three variants in regard to the sound of the turbospool. Which are Greek, Swedish, and No Turbospool versions.
Incase you want to use both, do know that you have to use one sound mod at a time. Enabling both mods in game leads to conflict and crash of the game.
It is recommended that you use the default audio options truck engine and truck exhaust in game.
This Mod works for all SCS stock in-game Scania Trucks including the new generation Scania S/R and for the mod trucks Scania RJL(Including the 4 Series).

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: Authors: Japheth Rasta.Jr, Aeronildo, SCS.

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