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ETS2 – Scs Rigids Trailers V1.4 (1.35.x)

Changes in 1.4
SCS Box Tandem
SCS Box Dolly
SCS Box C double
SCS Box D double
Lowbed moved from “Teklic” trailer brand to “Schearzmuller”
Lowbed single
Lowbed cargo (fix)
Lowbed dolly (fix)
SCS Box Tuning
SCS Box Cargo
SCS Box Icons
Lowbed Icons

Changes V 1.3.
Log 1ax dolly trailer
Conteiner dolly trailers
Conteiner C doubles
Conteiner D doubles
Flatbed 1ax dolly trailer
Flatbed dolly trailers
Flatbed C doubles
Flatbed D doubles
Dolly with SP whels
Flatbed B doubles (non rigids)

For this mod you need to have ETS2 v1.35 and does not require any dlc.
This mod make ridigd trailers from SCS models.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: Teklic, SCS

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