ETS2 – Signs On Your Trailer V0.8.6.0 (1.39.x)

Changelog ver: —> ver:
Added “sui” files to the section “addon hookups”
Added fire extinguishers to new trailers
Added signs on new trailers
Correction of minor errors

Changelog v0.8.5.0 —> v0.8.5.5:
Fixed issue with “Normal maps”
Added translation to Chinese simplified
Correction of minor errors

Changelog v0.8.1.01 —> v0.8.5.0:
Rendered and packed with the new Blender 2.81, Blender Tools 2.0 and Conversion Tools 2.10
Added signs on refrigerator trailer Schwarzmuller “Signs 1, Signs 2, Signs 3 and Signs from the sides of the upper body of the trailer”
Minor parameter changes on 3d models “Diffuse, Specular, Shininess, Add Ambient, Env Factor, Fresnel etc”
Correction sii file
Correction text file

You need to have DLC
DLC – Krone Trailer Pack installed!
DLC – Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack installed!

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: tobrago

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