ETS2 – Swedish Islands Map Addon V1 (1.33.x)

New version 1.0:
1. More cosmetic changes, mostly overlapping terrain flicker.
2. Reduced and relocated the UI world map view road numbers. (Requested by Julmath)
3. Also added more road numbers, but this time with another method, painting the numbers ON the asphalt.
4. Removed display of undrivable roads from the UI world map view. (Requested by Stilgar)

NOTE, this map addon requires ETS2 v1.33.x in combination with main maps updated to 1.33.x!!!!

*All map DLC\’s are also required, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC too!

This map addon called Swedish Islands is covering the two biggest islands in
Sweden, Gotland and Öland, located in the Baltic Sea. You can reach the island
Gotland by ferries from Karlskrona and Nynäshamn in Sweden and Ventspils in Latvia.
The other island Öland, you can get to via a bridge from the city Kalmar on the
east coast of Sweden.

This addon will give you the following:

Cities and towns: 16
Companies: ca. 30

This map addon was created during the last 4 1/2 months, after I was inspired
and triggered by Arayas, creator of the Romania Extended Map, and Zaregon, the
creator of the North Map. They have also been my mentors during the creation of
the project by answering questions when I got stuck. Thank you guys!

At the moment it ought to be compatible with all the major maps,
SCS vanilla, Promods and TSM. None of them has modified the two
sectors I \”borrowed\” from the SCS vanilla map in order to be
able to create the bridge connection to the island Öland. I\’ve
tested them all in their present versions.

Loadorder for MHAPro:
Sweden Islands Map
MHA files
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.33.x)

Authors: BenganJ

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