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ETS2 – Sxc Extractor – Flexible Game Data / Mod File Extraction Tool V1.19.9.7 (1.35.x)

SXC Extractor is a tool to extract ETS2/ATS game data files. This tool has similar main functionality as the official SCS Extractor, with additional improvements and features:

List items (path and filename) through List Mode.
Selective file extraction and listing based on path and wildcard filtering.
Support “encrypted” mod zipped file extraction.
Can handle particular game data/DLC file where SCS Extractor fails.

Like the official SCS Extractor, this tool is also a console (text-based) program running under Windows Command Prompt or Power Shell console window. Require minimal Windows 2000 to run, support both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) Windows architecture. SXC Extractor is stand-alone Windows application without needs any run-time or redistributable library packages. It does not require platform foundation like .NET Framework, Java, etc. Just a Windows OS and SXC Extractor, you good to go.

Special Case
Certain SCS game data file (e.g. core.scs and locale.scs) has directory structures stripped for some reason. To work with such kind of file which is returning “no root path” error message, put additional “-137243” switch when working with the file for the first time. Next time accessing the same file there is no need to use the switch as long as the game data file isn’t updated and the associated index file (*.idx) intact.

Supported File Type
SXC Extractor can handle both native game data/DLC file (*.scs) usualy stored on Steam folder, as well as mod zipped file (*.scs, *.zip) especially the ones that “encrypted” to prevent users looking at the contents.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Authors: madman271

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