ETS2 – Tractors With Trailers In Traffic V1.12 1.31.x

New in v1.12:
– Fixed side blinker issue on Man truck (empty and with logs)


With this mod, you can have in traffic as slow moving vehicles:
– harvester
– cat_mutt
– mutt_422e
– SCS tractor with traler(s)
– Tractors by AlexP with trailer(s)
– and , finaly, articulated hays and logs trailers are back !!!!!

All those are active on local roads and country roads !!!
This mod is compatible with all traffic mods, due the use of new SCS overrides system

Overrides is a SCS unoficial feature to break traffic mods incompatibility introduced by 1.30 version
It should allow easier modding of the game definitions in multi-mod environment. By ‘data override’ you can override only certain attributes in certain defs without the need for overwriting the whole file.
There are 3 override types:
replace: replacing attributes (replaces all attributes)
add: adding attributes (adds given values for given attribute)
remove: removing attributes (removes given values for given attributes)
The overrides file named overrides.NAME.sii file sould be placed in def folder, and the NAME could be your mod unique name.
DO NOT use averrides.sii, will break compatibilities !!!!!

Authors: Todor Alin

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