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ETS2 – Traffic Density V2.0 (1.35.x)


New mod For 1.35
This update some setting

And work with other mod:
Promds 2.41
jazzycat traffic pack
TrafficManiac traffic pack

* Ai blinker time
When you stop at traffic light or some where
You can see ai blinker timer different

* Adjust Car、Truck High Density at city、urban、highway
Set more car on hgihway>city>urban
Has littel jam in city and urban

* Adjust remove distance backward、forward
set long distance visiable to traffic

* Adjust limit curve displacement in curves

* Speeding AI on road

* Adjust Drag length limits
Ai truck with trailer will closer player physics at corner
This mean trailer no touch to traffic light

* Danger driver?
slow driver or no safe distance or data problem

* [Option]Add some vehicle type like sport classic or Taxi?

traffic_storage_turner.sii <———- For tuner car
traffic_storage_classic.sii <———- For classic car
traffic_storage_moto.sii <———- For motocycle
traffic_storage_scooter.sii <———- For Scooter
traffic_storage_sport.sii <———- For Supercars or Sport car

All has spawn density for any type

This option need edit by youself

EX for classic_cars_traffic_pack_by_TrafficManiac

Open *base.scs/def/vehicle/traffic_storage_car.classic_tm.sii
^^^<<– this change like traffic_storage_classic.classic_tm.sii
This will change type from car to classic

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

Author(s): Ista

ETS2 – Traffic Density V2.0 (1.35.x) Download File


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