ETS2 – Tt Cabin Physics V1.1 1.31 – 1.32

This mode increases the cabin oscillations of the truck. At ETS2, the driver is stationary as if it is tied to the seat. The body of the driver’s head and not move at all. In real life, however, the driver is in oscillation depending on the truck movements and the condition of the road. This mode is designed to partially simulate the movement of the driver’s body and the driver’s head. You can use it with other physics modes you like. You do not have to change the trailer balance. Not suitable for driving with the keyboard. For those who use the mouse and steering wheel, it offers a pleasant game. Mod should be above other modes.
There are some improvements in this new version, so brake simulation has been developed accordingly.
Works in ETS2 1.31 and ETS2 1.32 versions.
Have fun

Authors: Tekteker Haydar

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