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ETS2 – Used Truck Dealer & Used Trucks In Quickjob V1.2 (1.38.x)

Version 1.2:
1)Added DAF trucks.

2)On Public Demand to include engine,transmission,cabin and chassis upgrades, DAF trucks are available in truck dealer with different versions.Some of them can be upgradable and some are not.Upgradable Trucks have some higher price.

3)Only DAF has upgradable trucks but i will add upgrading capabilities to other brands too asap.

4)Upgradable Truck parts have a fixed extra amout (5-8k) in ther price as the trucks are old and will require refitting.

Hello guys, have you ever thought how nice it would be to have so many varieties of trucks and ATS2 trucks in the same. Keeping that in mind, today I am introducing a new Truck dealer in our small European World. So, our truck dealer is starting off with the trucks at a reasonable price.

Why should you buy the truck from the truck dealer?
1)ATS Trucks are available in Mods dealer.
2)The trucks are available at affordable prices.
3)Provide used trucks to your drivers.
4)Buy trucks at a cheap price in the beginning and boost your career.
5)Used Trucks in Quick jobs to make them realistic.

Advertising apart
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.38.x)

Authors: Indianboss(steam – adishrtv)

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