ETS2 – Volvo B9R-I Shift Bus Mods For Euro Line (1.33.x)

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VOLVO B9R-I Shift bus mods for ets2 mods 1.32. and 1.33.x 3d
euro line bus  3D skin and Glass texture and
ets2 mods B12BTX Volvo bus Redesign Skin texture and interior Euro line bus skin
Changing Log:
-Redesign Skin texture and including High definition texture skin Design
-Redesign Blue Plastics colour dashboard
-Flower Leather cover Cloth seat cover
-Redesign glass texture and sun shield image glass top windows texture
-Real carpet and colour.
-Mudflap Blue colour and a real logo
…More skin texture is changing
More information to Watching Video.

Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.33.x)

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