ETS2 – Volvo Fh12 Mk1 & Dx11 Rework (1.35.x)

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Fully standalone.
Adaptation to ETS2 1.35.x.
Few corrections in 3D model.
Fixed vertex warning.
Adjusted 4×2 chassis collisions.
Chassis 6x shortened 25cm.
Chassis shadows adjusted.
5th wheel height lowered.
Fire extinguisher decal corrected.
Excessive bright in crystal corrected.
Now rims & tires fit perfectly.
Adjusted interior camera position.
Fixed the on-board computer (credits to Piva).
Improved beacons.
Quick jobs trucks now have GPS.
Modified front windshield to be able to drive in rain (windshield wipers do not remove the water).
DLC cabin accessories & SiSL Megapack addon included.
You need SiS\’L megapack to have all the cabin accessories available.
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.35.x)

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