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ETS2 – Volvo Fm/Fmx Fix V1.3 (1.39.x)

Changes 1.3:
Update for patch 1.39

Changes 1.2:
Update for patch 1.37
Fixed bugs in quick jobs menu.
Bugs fixed
Removed obsolete accessory_sound_data from all vehicle units

Changes v1.2
Update for 1.37

Changes v1.1
Added realistic headlight pattern by hastantyo as an option
Added xenon headlights as an option

Mod combine the FM and FMX fixes since the trucks are virtually the same, it makes my life a whole lot easier if there is only one mod with both trucks using the same base.

The mod includes:
4 Cabs
4×2 chassis
4×2 low deck chassis
6×2 chassis
6×4/4 midlift chassis
6×2 tag chassis
6×4 chassis

3 Cabs
4×2 chassis
4×4 chassis
6×2 pusher chassis
6×2 tag chassis
6×4 chassis
6×6 chassis

If you want to change the light box decal you will find a template in folder “template”. You need to save in folder \\vehicle\\truck\\upgrade\\decals\\volvo_fm\\textures with the name “” and default size is 2048×1024 for xhsl cab and “” for hslp cab!
Supported game versions: ETS2 – (1.39.x)

Authors: galimim

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